Saturday, May 3, 2008

LynnEl S. (crochet quilt)

LynnEl S. showed a crocheted quilt

Lorraine G. (strata quilt)

Lorraine G. shows a quilt made from strata

Debbie Der. (black and white and red)

Debbie Der. shows a black, white, and red quilt with some grays thrown in.

Connie K. (Christmas)

Connie K. shows her Christmas Santa quilt

Stephanie H. (bear paw)

Stephanie H. shows her bear paw quilt

Debbi D. (flowers)

Debbi D. shows a wall hanging with pieced background and fused flowers with button hole stitches around the flowers and leaves and stems...

Mary Cr. (quilt)

Mary Cr. (?) shows a pieced quilt

Debbie L. (horses)

Debbie L. shows a wall hanging with horses on it.

Talese S. (Linus quilt)

Talese S. shows a Linus Quilt, I think

Dorothy B. (stars)

Dorothy B. shows her star quilt

Bev H. (At Home magazine)

LynnEl S. showed us that
Bev. H. was featured in an article in the new magazine
about Central Illinois events, At Home.

There were pictures in the magazine.

Phyllis N. (baskets)

Phyllis N. shows a basket quilt

Phyllis N. (zig zag quilt)

Phyllis N. shows a zig zag quilt.

Judy A. (small wall hanging)

Judy A. shows a small wall hanging or doll bed quilt?

Molly B. (butterfly quilt)

Molly B. shows a butterfly quilt

Cathy H. (?)

Cathy H. (I think?)

Marion R. (happy villages)

Marion R. shows her happy villages wall hanging

Marion R. (Olivia quilt)

Marion R. shows an Olivia quilt.

Pat McQ.

Pat McQ. shows a beautiful pieced quilt.

Gail O. (dragon flies and flower)

Gail O. shows two wall hangings

Becky G. and Dorothy E.

Becky G. and Dorothy E. show their high tech tucks from a class taken at Threads of Time in Danville.

Melissa R. (Quilter of the Month, Feb. 2008)

Melissa R. was our Quilter of the Month for February 2008.

Dorothy B. (valentines from the guild)

Just for fun,
the guild surprised our President, Dorothy B.,
with Valentines at our business guild meeting which fell on
Valentine's day in 2007.

Kim Ly. (Boo Boo Challenge)

Kim L. shows her Project Linus Boo Boo Kids Challenge quilt.
She used a pattern from Maple Island

Mary C. (3000 leaves and 351 buttons)

Mary C. shows a quilt with 3000 leaves and 351 buttons!

Molly B. (swap blocks with log cabin stars)

Molly B. shows a quilt made from swap blocks and log cabin stars

Molly B. (Project Linus dinosaur quilt)

Molly B. shows a Project Linus dinosaur quilt

Dixie C. (purple for her daughter)

Dixie C. shows a purple quilt for her daughter.
She let her daughter pick out the pattern, it was a challenge!

Cheri S. (I Spy)

Cheri S. shows an I Spy quilt made for her nephew in Hawaii.

It has a map of the US on the back.

Dorothy B. (Linus Quilt)

Dorothy B. shows a Linus quilt made from fabric from the Quilt show

Phyllis N. (jacket)

Phyllis N. models her new jacket.
She started it at the fall LLQA retreat and finished it at home.

And the back of her jacket looks like this:

Charlene B. (doll wall hanging for granddaughter)

Charlene B. made a wall hanging for her granddaughter

LynnEl S. (Christmas for a friend)

LynnEl S. made a table topper for herself
and then she made this bigger quilt for her friend for Christmas

Marijo F. (cats for her daughter)

Marijo F. shows a quilt made for her daughter who loves cats.
Coleen J. quilted it.

Becky G. (Kaffe Fasset quilt)

Becky G. shows a quilt made from Kaffe Fasset fabrics and pattern.

Dorothy B. (Homestead Hearth kit)

Dorothy B. shows a quilt made from a kit from Homestead Hearth

Judy A. (Marine Comfort block)

Judy A. shows a block she made for the Marine Comfort Quilts

judy G. (crazy quilt)

Judy G. shows a crazy quilt

Judy G. (one patch square)

Judy G. shows a colorful one patch quilt

Judy G. (leaf wall hanging)

Judy G. shows a leaf wall quilt

Deb B.

Deb B. shows a beautiful blue star quilt

Bev H. (won a machine)

Bev H. was proud to say that she won a machine when she helped at the Houston IQA show.

Judy G. Quilter of the Month 11.07

Judy G. was Quilter of the Month in November 2007