Sunday, October 28, 2007

Charlene B., calendar quilt

Charlene B. shows a quilt top based on blocks from one of
Dorothy B.'s Illinois quilt blocks calendars.

Teresa D., Laurel Birch

Teresa D. shows a Laurel Birch top she pieced during her forced rest.

Quilt Show, miscellaneous scenes

Here are some miscellaneous pictures from the quilt show.
Here we have Talese checking in some quilts from Donna R. at Quilt Checkin.
Marilyn N. proudly shows the start of the Bake Sale.

Here is Dorothy B. with the Bazaare in the background.

Cheri S. setup the Linus display with some help from Debbi D.

After the setup was done, here are some quilters resting for a bit.

Our fearless leader with her pep talk before the opening of the Quilt show Saturday morning.
More of the pep talk audience.

Eddie, appraising the 2006 mini raffle replica quilt.
These quilts used to be called our guild minis, but I am proposing that the name be changed to Raffle Replicas to avoid confusion.

Thanks to all who participated in the show.

Quilt Show Baskets!

The quilt show baskets were a bit hit. Sue K. organized it and was happy to announce to anyone that they could purchase 70 tickets for $100. Sue shook up the entries for each basket and Debbi D. drew the winning person's number.

Bridgie C. won the grandmother's basket.

Marilyn N. won the travel basket.

Mimi K. won the travel basket.

Stephanie H. won the Dick and Jane basket.

Melissa R. won the puppy dog basket.

There were several other baskets, these winners just happened to be there to pick their baskets up in person when their names were called during the drawing.
Thanks again to Sue and all of her helpers and all those who donated baskets.
This was a very successful and fun part of the quilt show.

Raffle Quilt 2007 won by Mimi K.

Mimi K. won the 2007 raffle quilt. She said she never wins anything.
She can't say that anymore as she won this quilt.

Faux Pas Award (and honorable mentions, too)

Marilyn N. presented the Faux Pas award to Elaine G. for a comment
about Graham "Crapper" goodies at the bake sale.
The award knife has now been engraved with names and dates!

Plastic honorable mention Faux Pas award went to Mary C.
Plastic honorable mention Faux Pas award also went to Lisa R.

Quilt Show Galaxy of Stars 2007 Thank You!

Here were some Thank You notes from the quilt show.
Marilyn N. presented collected fat quarters to Joan our quilt show chairman.

Joan presented her committee chairs with Thank you cupcake bags with fat quarters in them.
Joan had a special thank you also for Dorothy B. for all the work she did on the quilt show.

QS '07: Best in Show and Pieced: 1st: Connie L.

Connie L. shows her Best in Show and 1st in Pieced "Pink Lemon Star."
She saw one in a book made in 1830. It hs trapunto sewn with soluable thread, then batting cut away, then more batting and quilting. It won 1st place at the national machine quilting show a few years ago.

QS '07: Pieced: 2nd: Lorraine G.

Lorraine G. (who couldn't be there) won 2nd place in Pieced with
"Zen-sational-One with Everything."
She won Best of Show at the Cunningham Childrens Home Quilt Show. She started it at Sew Sassy. She worked on paper pieceing the borders at a Princeton ICS retreat.

QS '07: Pieced: 3rd: Molly B.

Molly B. shows her 3rd place Pieced "The Chief."
It took her 3 years to make it. It is one of 4 quilts she owns in her home.

QS '07: Scrap: 1st: Nancy Mac

Nancy Mac shows her 1st place Scrap "Nancy's Treasure."
It was made from the Nickle quilt book based on "Tillie's Treasure." She was in a 5" block exchange in LLQA and the Odd Thursday bunch. Coleen quilted it.

QS '07: Scrap: 2nd: Molly B.

Molly B. shows her 2nd place Scrap "Christmas Medallion."
It started as a table topper (the center), but she didn't like that so she kept adding pieces to get rid of her Christmas scraps.

QS '07: Scrap: 3rd: Dorothy B.

Dorothy B. shows her 3rd place Scrap "Twice as Nice."
This was made from her 2007 Illinois blocks calendar patterns. The name of the quilt comes from the fact that there are 2 of the same block patterns, one 6" version and one 12" version.

QS '07: Applique: 1st: Rose G.

Rose G. shows her 1st place Applique "Peacock Paradise."
She bought this as a kit at the Nashville show. She used it as a therapy quilt in 2005. She is giving it to the daughter who took care of her while she was making it. Coleen quilted it.

QS '07: Applique: 2nd: Diane M.

Diane M. shows her 2nd place Applique "Autumn Joy."
She hand appliqued and hand quilted this. Norma M. sent the patterns to her while she was in France as she ran out of things to do while she was there. Norma got to see the completed top before she died. Diane hand quilted it this last year.

QS '07: Applique: 3rd: Nancy Mac

Nancy Mac shows her 3rd place Applique "A House is a House for Me."
It was made from a Piecemaker's calendar and it is surprising she made it because she says she doesn't do applique.
The back was made of "ugly" fabric.

QS '07: Mixed/Other: 1st: Carol G.

Carol G. shows her 1st place Mixed/Other "Just Like Grandma."
She made it in memory of her grandmother who always had a quilt on her lap.
It took 8-10 years. She wanted to do it by hand like her grandmother.
She quilted too much on the first block and then had to continue
with the same amount of quilting.

QS '07: Mixed/Other: 2nd: Barb S.

Barb S. shows her 2nd place Mixed/Other "Mitzi's Star."
This 3-year project is a king size quilt. She started with the blocks and then added borders. It has beads on it and Connie L quilted it.

QS '07: Mixed/Other: 3rd: Becky G.

Becky G. shows her 3rd place Mixed/Other "Primrose Lane."
It was made from a kit she bought at the 2003 Guild Quilt Show
from Quilter's Harvest vendor. She fell in love with the yellow border. It was a learning quilt. She learned the blanket stitch around the applique.

QS '07: Group: 1st: Carol G.

Carol G. shows her 1st place Group quilt "Jacobean Golden Swirl."
This was a Rather Bees group round robin quilt.

QS '07: Group: 2nd: Donna R.

Donna R. (who couldn't be there) won 2nd place in Group with her unnamed quilt. It was made from the guild Heritage squares swap blocks. She is going to give this to her sister.

QS '07: Group: 3rd: Sue K.

Sue K. shows her 3rd place group quilt "Cheerful Cherries."
She said the quilt was made for her by the Rather Bees,
all she did to get it was get sick.

QS '07: Wall Hanging: 1st: Whizzie and Dorothy E.

Dorothy E. shows the 1st place Wall hanging "Big Poppy."
Whizzie hand appliqued the top and Dorothy E. machine quilted it. This was their first 1/2 and 1/2 cooperative quilt. Whizzie was in charge of the embellishments of crystals, etc.
At the start of the show, we didn't know who would get it, but
Dorothy's brother Richard's family loved it at the show and so they get it.

QS '07: Wall Hanging: 2nd: Jef C.

Jef C. won 2nd place in Wall Hanging with "Music Music Music."
It is made of 9-patches. She wanted trombones, but couldn't find fabric with them so she found a trombone from a scrapbooking place and used that to make the center appliqued design.

QS '07: Wall Hanging: 3rd: Joan F.

Joan F. won 3rd place in Wall Hangings with "Today is the Day."
Coleen made this for Joan for Christmas. Joan said that Coleen will get the ribbon.

QS '07: Crib/Child: 1st: Sue K.

Sue K. won 1st place in Crib/Child with "Susannah's Flowders."
Made for the Susannah's first born baby with silk ribbon flowers
based on flowers seen while camping.

QS '07: Crib/Child: 2nd: Marion R.

Marion R. (who couldn't be there) won 2nd place in Crib/Child with "Sugar N Spice."
It won first place in the Cunningham Children's show.

QS '07: Crib/Child: 3rd: Kim Ly.

Kim Ly. shows her 3rd place Crib/Child quilt "Dino Twist."
It was made for a grandson and is based on one she saw in a magazine.

QS '07: Minis: 1st: Ginny C.

Ginny C. (who couldn't be there) won 1st in Minis with her "Mini-Feathered Star."
She bought this (not already made) at Paducah this spring and made it for the show. It was paper pieced.

QS '07: Minis: 2nd: Becky G.

Becky G. shows her 2nd place mini: "Nouveau I".
She started this in the Chris Kirsch class "Parallelisms"
and had help from Ann Fahl in her class "Make Your Quilt Sparkle"
on adding beads to your quilt.

QS '07: Minis: 3rd: Marion R.

Marion R. (who couldn't be there) won 3rd with her "Frosty Ginkgos."
This was based on an Ann Fahl class taught here at the guild this past year.

QS '07: Clothing: 1st: Nancy Mac

Nancy Mac shows her 1st place clothing, "Fall Jacket."
This was the second of these jackets she has made, the first was worn out.
She bought the Japanese fabric and added to it from her stash.