Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lisa R.'s Dear Jane quilt

Lisa R. proudly shows her Dear Jane quilt.
Coleen J. quilted it.
She started it 7 years ago, but did all the piecing in 6-7 months.
It had to season for awhile, but it is done now.

Judy G.

Judy G. shows a quilt made from scraps left over from a church mission where 26 people recovered 40 chairs. She wondered if anyone wanted any extra upholstery fabric scraps to quilt through . . . no takers amazingly enough.

Nancy Mac.

Nancy Mac. shows a UFO from 1992.
She won the blocks in an online block-of-the-month
She has made it for her daughter to go on a blue sofa.
All the blocks were signed and dated from quilters all over the country
(including one from Dorothy B.)
Front of quilt above, back of quilt below.

Phyllis N.'s 4 Vases quilt

Phyllis N. shows her 10-year project that was hand quilted.
It has a name but she just calls it her 4 Vases quilt.

Amy F.'s "How does your garden grow?" quilt

Amy F. shows the quilt she made for her horticulturalist turned electrician daughter.
Quilted by Connie L.
Based on a blooming 9 patch, it is called "How does your garden grow?"

Carolyn S. for first great grandchild

Carolyn S. shows a quilt she made for her first great grandchild due next month.

Carolyn S.

Carolyn S. shows a quilt she made from a book by Evelyn Sloppy.
Connie L. quilted it.

Charlene B.

Charlene B. shows a quilt for her new granddaughter coming in November.
She made it from a kit from Glenwood Springs, CO. (I think).

Teresa L.

Teresa L. shows a Turning 20 quilt she made for her daughter to take to college.
Connie L. quilted it.

Picnic Special Prize

Donna R. won the door prize drawing of 30s blocks made by the Entertainment Committee!

The Entertainment Committee outdid themselves and made these beautiful blocks out of 30s fabric. Judy's Mom (Toosh) drew number 11 and that was Donna R. She won!

Officers for 2007-2008

Continuing officers:
Treasurer, Elaine G.; Vice President, Mary C.
New officers:
President, Dorothy B.; Secretary, Kathie V.

Past President Melissa R. (not pictured here) presented Elaine and Mary with fabric from unfinished projects to indicate that their service to the guild continues.

She presented Dorothy and Kathie with fabric from projects not yet started as their service to the guild is about to start. She also gave Dorothy a gavel to symbolize her authority and a spoon that was left at some potluck sometime to symbolize that things might not always be resolved. We hope that these officers enjoy their service to the guild and we thank them in advance!

Officers from 2006-2007

Exiting officers:
President, Judy A.; Secretary, Kim L.
Continuing officers:
Treasurer, Elaine G.; Vice President, Mary C.

Thank you ladies for your service to the guild!
Melissa R. (Past President, not pictured here) formally presented Judy and Kim with pins and fabric from finished projects to signify that there service to the guild was finished.
She gave Elaine and Mary fabric from currently unfinished projects (works-in-progress) to indicate that their work is not yet completed.

Picnic 2007

ICS Annual Picnic 2007, much fun was had by all. Thank you to the Entertainment Committee for a wonderful time!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Judy P. shows 2 baby quilts

Judy P. showed 2 baby quilts she made.
She's a new quilter.
One of the quilts is for a niece, the other for a woman at work.

Very nice quilts Judy, keep up the good work!

Molly B.'s Grand Prize Cat Quilt

Molly B. shows a cat quilt she made.
It won grand prize at the Champaign County Fair in Section 1,
kids, small quilts and pillows.
She made it with her mom.

Judy G.'s Split 9 patch

Judy G. called this her farmer quilt.
She had blocks to use for the split 9 patch.

Sorry about the photo quality, the historian's camera was slow tonight.

Judy G. Airplanes

Judy G. shows an airplane quilt her husband's grandmother pieced.
Judy finished it and Connie L. quilted it with airplane quilting designs in plain blocks.

Whizzie E.

Whizzie E. proudly shows the memory quilt
created by the Loose Threads in memory of Whizzie's husband and Dorothy E.'s father, Dick.
Barb S., Becky G., Carolyn S., Debbi D., Kay V., Linda S., Pat M., Talese S., and Tina J. all collaborated to make this beautiful quilt for Whizzie and Dorothy E. Some of the quilt was even made down in Texas, where Kay V. is currently living. Dick's hobby was building furniture, tables, 4 poster beds, bookshelves, cabinets. We have many treasures. He spent so much time in the garage with his tools, but this will be our reminder of his love of tools. It will be displayed inside in a place of honor. Thank you Loose Threads.

Dorothy B.'s batik hearts

Dorothy B. shows her Batik Hearts for Land of Lincoln heart patterns.

Dorothy B.

Dorothy B. shows her block of the month quilt
that did not follow the directions.
She did use the Marti Michel templates.

Kim L. is August 2007 Quilter of the Month

Kim L. was the quilter of the month tonight.
She loves piecing, she is precise but rapid. Here are some of her beautiful quilts.Thank you Kim for sharing your beautiful work with us tonight.